Pump on Brant closes its doors

By Staff

August 5th, 2023



The Pump, a restaurant that gave it their best for five years closed yesterday.

A combination of factors resulted in the closing.

It is getting harder than ever.

Increased costs and a continually decreasing number of patrons.

Another great place for lunch has had to close its doors.

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3 comments to Pump on Brant closes its doors

  • Joe Gaetan

    Sorry to hear the Pump is closing, but the writing is on the wall.Took in the Corktown Pub in the Hammer on Friday. Great neighborhood and street vibe, no tall buidings, alla Jane Jacobs.

  • Helen

    It is sad to see so many restaurants struggling but with high prices these days I think a lot of people are thinking twice about eating out. Also, with all the construction going on, downtown isn’t exactly appealing for dining out.

  • Blair Smith

    As I said before, Burlington’s “vibrant downtown” would seem to be a figment of the Mayor’s over-active wishful thinking; her “I say it is so, so it is so”. Still wondering’ when it will arrive. This is one more stop on Councillor Kearns’ next ‘Incredible Shrinking Business Tour’.