Queen's Head to Close - September 16 last call

By Pepper Parr

July 24th, 2026



Here is a stunner for you.

One of the places downtown that is actually vibrant will close after more than twenty years of great customer service – the Queen’s Head Pub will close.


We are following up for more detail.

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10 comments to Queen’s Head to Close – September 16 last call

  • John

    The Queen’s Head was a welcome replacement for the old Coronation Tavern. They will only live on in our memories like the old Dairy Queen, Odeon theater, etc., etc. Soon the only familiar space will be Spencer Smith Park (sort of). But look at all of those beautifull condos filling up the cities tax coffers.

  • Liam Fearg

    I would suggest that Councillor Kearns, who now seems to be obediently following the Mayor’s lead, hold one of her storied walking tours of downtown. She could hand out her lovely maps that would identify – the business/restaurant that was here in 2018, this business/restaurant that is here now (or not) and what is planned for 2026 and beyond. She could call it “The Incredible Shrinking Tour”.

  • Gerard Shkuda

    Terrible news for the staff and customers. Burlington downtown is becoming a wasteland of 30-story condos and traffic.

  • Steve W

    One thing for sure … whatever takes it’s place will be less and more expensive.

  • Anderson

    Our downtown and the inevitable traffic is embarrassing!!!

  • Caren Burcher

    Hello Blair, I totally agree with your comments. Very sad to see all of these businesses disappear. Soon it will be a ghost town with only people living in condos!
    I’m wondering when the Infastruture in downtown Burlington will self distruct with all the Condo building going on.

  • Jacie Stoddaart

    Another condo!

  • Blair Smith

    This is really sad news. Mr. Catley and staff have been a wonderful addition to Burlington’s downtown and his ‘public house’ is iconic. All I’ve seen over the last few years are closures and failed attempts; Rude Native, Prime, Wendel Clark’s, Emma’s Kitchen, Saigon etc., etc. And where are the new and interesting stores to match the vanished places like Tumblehome, the hobby shop and Elizabeth’s? When is the “vibrant downtown” that has been promised by our Mayor going to arrive?

  • Grahame Richards


    • Jason D

      This is the last straw. The Burlington core gets less attractive by the day. Guess I will take my money elsewhere. Thanks for being awesome Queen’s Head. You will be missed. A Civic Centre is another misguided waste of money.