Quiet yesterday

By Pepper Parr

February 10th, 2024



Things were quiet yesterday – had to leave the keyboard and have the cataract surgery done on the second eye.

Not sure the second surgery went as well as the first one.

Can’t read books, newspaper or Staff reports but I can see what is on my computer monitor very clearly.

Using the glasses I had doesn’t help.

However, without glasses I can see very clearly outdoors and for a considerable distance.

All kinds of drops to be put into my eyes.  I do the post-op examination on Wednesday – should learn then what I am up against.

Interesting bit of news on the Vrancorp development on Lakeshore Road at the bottom of Brant.  They have filed new documents with the Ontario Land Tribunal.

The structure that Vrancorp want to put on the Waterfront Hotel site is on the left with the completed Bridgewater site on the right. Both have to contend with a very steep set of concrete steps to get to the edge of the lake.

It isn’t clear just what Vrancorp is expecting the Tribunal to do as a result of the new documents.

More on that tomorrow.

Later today there is a column from Ray Rivers that you will find interesting.

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