Race for Regional Chair is getting crowded

By Staff

July 16th, 2022



The battle for the Regional Chair is going to heat up when a fourth candidate files nomination papers.

Ann Mulvale, former Mayor of Oakville, is rumored to be running.  She has been sounding out different people the past week.

Ann Mulvale appears to want back in to the tables where decisions are made

Mulvale got into politics in 1980 when she ran as Regional and Town Councillor, Oakville and was elected to represent ward 5 from 1980 to 1985.

Mulvale was first elected mayor in 1988, defeating incumbent Bill Perras, after unsuccessfully running against him in 1985.

She was acclaimed mayor in 1991 and re-elected three more times – in 1994, 1997 and 2003.

In 2006 she was defeated by Rob Burton.

Mulvale was a candidate for mayor in the 2010 Oakville municipal election. She lost to Rob Burton by 4838 votes.

Mulvale was the Progressive-Conservative candidate for the former Oakville-Milton riding in 1993.

Gary Carr has served at every level of government and has ensured the finances are stable and the community safe.

Gary Carr has said publicly that he will run again as Chair, a position he has held since 2006.  He has also served as an MP and as an MPP

Giving up the seat at Queen’s Park may well prove to be the end of a political career for Jane McKenna

Former Burlington Progressive Conservative MPP Jane McKenna is out campaigning for the Regional Chair.

And current Halton District School Board trustee Andrea Grebenc is running for the Regional Chair as well.

The Region has some major decisions to be made during the term of office they will go into.

A long shot by any measure: Grebenc brings a track record of creating consensus and speaking boldly.

Farming is not in a state of crisis but it certainly isn’t healthy or thriving.  The amount of land that is good for farming is shrinking – and urban boundaries are changing. The Escarpment lands in Burlington are threatened given the tendency on the part of the Ford government to favour development.

Transit and traffic are going to need a lot of attention.

The Region needs a Chair that can create a consensus around ideas and initiatives that serves the competing needs of a community that reaches north of 401.

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2 comments to Race for Regional Chair is getting crowded

  • Chris Evans

    Rather than a listing of their former positions, it would be more beneficial to learn about their accomplishments while in their former offices and their position on current issues facing the region.

    Editor’s note: The intention is to interview every candidate – we can’t find some of them and there are sitting members of Council who will not take part in an interview.

  • Donna Lavery

    Jane McKenna is out Campaigning now but where has she been for the past 4 years.