Reader corrects some material on John Waldie in a 2015 article The Gazette archives are little history books on the city

By Pepper Parr

February 12, 2024



One of Canada’s greatest business leaders at the turn of the 20th century was John Waldie; a man with humble beginnings and amassed unbelievable wealth, and became one of Canada’s most powerful lumber barons was also a true philanthropist, a refined gentleman, and a man who was passionate about calling Burlington, his home.

John Waldie married twice. His first wife was Mary Ann Thompson. Mary was born in 1841, but died at the age of 43 in January 1884, just three weeks after giving birth to her 13th child Mollie.

John’s second wife was Sarah Ann Jarvis from Milton, a young lady of 29, who married the 53 year old widower in December 1885. Sarah Ann, at the age of 61, suffered a stroke and died June 6, 1918.

Back in 2015 Mark Gillies wrote a number of articles on the people who built the foundation of the city we have today.

If you have ever wondered who Spencer Smith Park was named after – check the archives,  Gillies did an excellent series on Spencer Smith.

The Gazette keeps everything it publishes in the Archives section of the newspaper which is read by never less than 50 people on any given day.

Beth Beynon, person who spent some time going through the archives, wrote us last week saying: “I am William Waldie’s great granddaughter and I just read this article. While I appreciate that it’s nearly a decade old, I wanted to point out some inaccuracies.

My great grandparents – William Sr and Sarah Waldie – did not move out west to expand the business. The family disapproved of Sarah and they moved to live their own lives. There was no ongoing connection.

Also, they are both buried in Nelson BC. (It’s a shared marker)

Thought you might be interested.

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