Readership Survey draws sharp rebukes

By Pepper Parr

March 3, 2023



We are currently running a readership survey it will stay until the 15th. The responses so far has been more than respectable. I’ve not been able to do an analysis yet on what has come in – download problems. We are using a new piece of software and still working through the learning hurdles.

I expect to be doing short surveys more often.

The link to the current survey is HERE

Earlier today I got an email from a reader who had some comments I want to share. I think it is important that the public, the elected and the administration be aware of what people think.

I have not used the name of this reader – however he is real.

A south of the QEW resident had this to say:

“Ijust wanted to further clarify or expand on two (2) of the questions in your current online reader survey…

i) Question regarding the balance between CoB City Hall news compared to Region of Halton news…

“If possible, I would like to see / read more news items from a Regional perspective. I realize that this is a bit of a big ask, and is totally dependent on time and resources, so it might not be possible. To your credit, you do make an attempt to occasionally include some Regional focused items…

There are fewer delegations – the hybrid model for council meetings does nothing for people who want to appear before their council. Jim Thompson delegated earlier in the week

ii) On the Question of the performance of the current CoB Council, and if it is performing as expected…. Well, I think they are performing poorly, just a continuation of the disdain towards the ratepayers demonstrated in the last half of the previous council term of 2018 to 2022.

“Am I surprised?… no… so (sadly) they are continuing to perform just as expected.

“Would I like to see an improvement in the performance and effectiveness of the majority of councillors? Respect, conduct, transparency… attendance… Yes!, but like most of the tripe on tv, same writers, same scripts, same players… You can’t teach a bunch of old dogs news tricks”.

“Thanks for your time, and best wishes for The Burlington Gazette going forward.”

If we get a withering negative response, we will publish those as well.

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