Real news or scuttlebut on the restaurant scene ?

By Staff

March 19th, 2023



From a reader who keeps an eye on the restaurant scene in the city:

Does the T shirt tell us what direction Craig Craig Kowalchuk will be going in?

Love your digital magazine.  I keep looking for updates to Burlington’s restaurant scene, but nothing recently.

I note that a new Greek restaurant, NISI Greek Taverne has replaced Lock Side, and a new Black Swan will replace Wendel Clark’s on Brant.

Also, Di Mario’s Italian restaurant is under new management.

Finally, Emma’s Back Porch is supposed to open this summer.

Emma’s Back Porch to reopen?  Who will manage the place.  Is Craig going to be behind the bar.  Not if the T shirt he is wearing is any indication.

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2 comments to Real news or scuttlebut on the restaurant scene ?

  • Joseph Gaetan

    Good to know and food for thought from the anonymous “foody’ who seems to be plugged in to to Burlington’s Restaurant scene. Restaurants took a beating during Covid and could still use all the help they can get. Buzz buzz

  • Penny Hersh

    Sandwich Station 399 will be opening where Boon Burger was located on Elizabeth Street,

    Sunset Bistro on the Waterfront opened a while back, It is located on Elizabeth Street where PinToh Cuisine was located. It is listed as a breakfast restaurant