Region wants to listen to what people want in the way of a Community Climate Plan

By Staff

May 13th, 2023



Imagine a future where the community of Halton takes meaningful action on climate change. HEN: Halton Environmental Network maintains that  – You have an important role to play in contributing to climate action and developing the Halton Community Climate Plan.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Citizens around the world are demanding that action be taken on how we treat the environment. Halton will listen to what people in the Region want to see done during a webcast on a Community Climate Plan.

Check out HEN’s Website to understand the fundamentals of climate action for Halton, community greenhouse gas emissions, best practices, and what is going on locally.

Attend the virtual Community Climate Summit on Tuesday, May 30th

Learn about this initiative and have your voice heard! Register here to reserve your spot.

Share the information! One of the most important ways to help tackle climate is to talk about it. Pass along this information and share what you’re doing with your friends, co-workers, neighbours and organizations you belong to.  Let’s reach as many people as possible.

Want to learn more? Go to our Community Climate Plan webpage for more information and find out how you can be involved!

If you have any questions, please contact

Follow us on twitter @Henhere, Instagram @henhere and like our Facebook page ‘Halton Environmental Network to receive more updates and hear about new volunteer opportunities!

This work supports the development of a Halton Community Climate Plan to advance Halton Region’s participation in the Partners for Climate Protection program. The Halton Environmental Network has partnered with Halton Region to support this initiative.

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