Regional Chair shows up at Rib Fest - only politician we saw looking for a good meal

By Pepper Parr

September 4th, 2022



The crowds were there.

We didn’t see a single Burlington member of Council in the crowd.

Regional Chair Gary Carr working his cell phone while at the Rib Fest on Friday

We did see Regional Chair Gary Carr working is cell phone.

He was on his way to the VIP tent to meet up with former Mayor Rick Goldring, an opportunity to swap election war stories.

Carr was looking good.  During the short conversation he kept breaking away to shake hands with the police officers on duty.  He knew several by name and spoke proudly of the new recruits who were sworn in recently.


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5 comments to Regional Chair shows up at Rib Fest – only politician we saw looking for a good meal

  • Sharon

    Our other choices aren’t great.
    Andrea Grenbec who is a Trustee on the HDSB who voted to close 2 Burlington high schools after listening to parents, students and professionals of why schools should not be closed. Also of concerns of the over crowding at Hayden High School. If she doesn’t listen to constituents at the HDSB what makes you think she is going to listen to the citizens of Halton?

    Jane McKenna MPP who did absolutely nothing for Burlington in the 4 years she was at Queens Park. She was one of Doug Ford’s puppets. Also another elected official who blocked people on her Facebook and Twitter. Also deleted comments that she didn’t like. Also went into hiding for 2 years during the pandemic.

  • Tim C

    So it’s ok to go to an event that may draw a crowd of 100 000 people without a mask on, but some staff at Halton Region (who are on the sunshine list) haven’t had to show up at the office for over 2 and a half years now? What’s the deal?

  • I guess at Ribfest Carr is pretty safe in terms of answering questions he does not wish to answer. Last election he didn’t show up at a single debate. He was the only candidate who failed to appear at any debate that I know of since 1997. His total lack of interest in the democratic process to elect the Region Chair in 2018 and then laying wreaths at our cenotaphs is an insult to the memories of Halton family veterans of the highest order. Surely this is the time for the electorate to agree “Anyone but Carr.”

    • perryb

      How in the world is laying a wreath an insult to veteran’s families? What a silly rant.

      • Laying a wreath as a representative of the people of Haiton when you personally have disregarded the purpose of mIllions of sacrifices is clearly insulting. The sacrificial giving of lives and health, so others can live in a democracy and not be eliminated as over a million children were because a dictator had issues with their heritage, is not a reason for “a silly rant” in my book. It is a very serious issue. Not sure if like my father you were at Dunkirk, perry.b. If my father was alive today I am sure he would simply shake his head and probably shed a tear for all those who were scattered on the beach that he was unable to help make it home.