Rob Bennett out as Managing Director of the Teen Tour Band

By Staff

July 19th, 2023



Now I think we know what it is Council chose to discuss in a closed session of both a Standing Committee and Council.

At the time the only information the public was given was that one of the items was related to a known name working for the city or one of its agencies. Council met on the 11th and Rob Bennett Managing Director of the Burlington Teen Tour Band was let go on the 14th.

Burlington Teen Tour Band Managing Director during better days is seen with Mayor Meed Ward receiving a key to the city.

On July 14th Burlington Teen Tour Band members and staff received an email advising them that Bennett was no longer a member of staff.

Bennett was described as “an extremely hard-working individual, despite his sometimes intimidating demeanour he was loved and cherished by all band members.”

He joined the Peanuts band in 1977, then moving up to Teen Tour’s percussion section in 1979.

After his retirement as a band member in 1989, Rob was still involved in the band, as he took up the position of a band instructor.

In 1998 he was appointed to the position of full-time Managing Director of the Band and Music Programs Manager for the City of Burlington’s Parks and Recreation Department. Bennett held his position as Managing director for 25 years.

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5 comments to Rob Bennett out as Managing Director of the Teen Tour Band

  • Anne Samilski

    Burlington Teen Tour Band is no more without Rob Bennett. Cherished and loved by all for many decades, it is the our precious kids who will suffer the most. The band is “world renowned” and the generations of kids that have grown up with Rob Bennett guiding them have grown up to be fabulous individuals who love and care about each other and continue to be the best of friends. Our two adult children, now 38 and 42 continue to be grateful for their life lessons they learned being members of this amazing band with Rob Bennett. The decision makers have made a grave error and must reverse their decision. Do know you have caused much grief for all! Aso know that the decision makers will not be in a position to make any decisions in the next election.

  • Mackenzie Parent

    This is undoubtedly one of the worst and most confusing decisions on the city’s behalf. I am beyond disappointed, words can’t describe the frustration myself and other most certainly feel. This misguided dismissal is painful to band members, alumni, staff, and parents alike.

  • Helen Kelly

    I think it is a disgrace to let such an ambassador of youth, Burlington and Canada go in such a backhanded way. Council should be ashamed of themselves

    • Daniel

      To refresh a huge program is to bring in new life new opportunities
      and to make sure everyone is in step all together.
      this stuff of over 10 yrs service is great but what comes with that.
      a norm relaxed attitudes.
      and then stuff starts slowly to be torn down.

      new staff means brighter futures
      better ideas and hopefully a huge new direction for all.

      old or past means lack of futures and stale up grades to the programs.
      in order to be on ur toes means being updated current and informed.
      progress charts and reports are put a side as we see in many programs.
      no progress reports or charts. this is very important for any program to succeed.

      the kids are our future we stand for them their number 1 they deserve number 1
      in everything!

      that means staff instructors and teachers and volunteers number 1 and qualified.
      and a heart of Gold.

      not hidden agendas or egos!!

      the goa!l to help the little adults become full fledged
      adults and leaders and better musicians.

      Does it help to shake up staff and others u bet keep them on their best toes!!

      this trip up!! for bttb is a eye opener for all so all pay attention and do ur best for all.

      May the God of All Gods Bless us All


  • Wayne Brown

    Rob Bennett is known around the World as the leader of one of the best marching bands ever assembled. I have spoken with some members of the United States Marine Band who stated that they were going to add some of the Teen Tour Band’s manoeuvers into their repertoire.
    Surely his thousands of alumni, and their parents, deserve a better explanation of his misguided dismissal.