Russ Garth Campbell: A wise voice that will not be heard again.

By Pepper Parr

March 10th, 2024



We learned earlier today of the passing of Russ Campbell. A wise voice that will not be heard again. A friend who will not be able to take a call.

Photography came to Russ Campbell easily; a natural eye and an ability to time the taking of the picture.

Russ was many things to many people – the comments on his Facebook page attest to that.

Russell Garth Campbell came to Canada at the age of 15 from Jamaica and literally married the girl next door, raised two children and lived a full life.

There wasn’t a day in the life he lived that he wasn’t learning something new.  He was part of the world of information technology in the early days when punch cards were how data was fed into computer.

He learned that he needed to know more and studied to become an accountant earning a Certified General Accountant (CGA) designation and worked as a Vice President Finance for a company in the food sector.

Russ was troubled by the shift in the way we conversed with each other politically and how political life was becoming polarized

When those who read his political thinking wanted something more conservative Russ decided that wasn’t the kind of conservative he was and shut it down; civilized to the end.

His final years were punctuated with illness that he managed bravely.

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