Scammers are at it again - using brand names to gain your confidence

By Staff

February 24th,2023



This is about as bold as you can get.

Again – the scammer is using a reasonably well know brand name that I think we used about a decade ago.

Thinking that we will recognize the service provider and approve the amount they want.

The moment you do that – they have banking data which they will exploit and perhaps even sell that information to someone else.

These false claims are costing the banks a fortune – the technology to change the way identity information is handled is out there  – no one seems to want to taake the lead and institute the changes.

Until that happens – be vigilant and watch the address the email comes from/

Invoice ID- BS812476



Dear Customer

Customer Support – 1-(833)-812-1621

Thanks for choosing our services

Kindly find the details of the opted Basic support plan for 3 pc, devices with (6 yearly on-site service) added with Network Security.

Your account is debited with $629.99 successfully

Note- The charge will come up/reflect in your account in 48 Hrs.

Subscription Details:

ORDER # : 407-0353423-8824727
Item/Plan: Basic support plan for 3 pc
Net Amount: $629.99
Transaction Date: 24 Feb. 2023
Item number- 2897653AYP


The payment mode used in the past is debited and it will be charged within 24 hours
In order to cancel the subscription or auto charge please contact  1-(833)-812-1621
If you have not placed this order please contact within 24 hours at 1-(833)-812-1621
What you get– Unlimited telephonic support via remote session
All issues that do not not involve a failed hardware or parts replacement will be covered
The devices connected to this computer are also covered under this plan. Any hardware changes would involve an extra charge.

Thank you for being a valued customer

Premium Virtual Support

Consumer ID:18113744

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3415 1st Street MI MI 48064 All rights reserved

You don’t want to go anywhere near the address or the telephone numbers they provide.

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