School Board Announces that is has even more property that might become surplus.

By Staff

January 20th, 2023



The Halton District School Board announced today that community organizations and members of the public are invited to a virtual meeting on Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023 at 1 p.m. to view a presentation on potential community planning and partnership opportunities within the HDSB’s existing schools and co-build opportunities in proposed new schools and facilities.

Community Planning & Partnership Meeting
Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023
1 p.m.
Join the virtual meeting via Google Meet:

Following the presentation by Board staff, those interested in a future partnership with the HDSB are encouraged to reach out to the Planning Department to discuss their interest by completing an Expression of Interest Form and emailing it to Fred Thibeault, General Manager of Planning at

The full list of facilities available for community partnerships, along with the Community Planning and Partnerships Policy, can be viewed on the HDSB website on the Community Planning and Partnerships webpage.


Standard bureaucratize – but the outcome of those situations when the school board decides it no longer needs a school and declare it surplus – it is open to others to buy the property and put it to good use.

It will be a much different place when it reopens in – well no one is really certain when it will open.

When the HDSB decided to close two of its seven high schools that started a process that had Burlington buying the former Bateman High School and turning it into a community centre that will also have tenants.

Parents demonstrated against the closing of their school – it made no difference.


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1 comment to School Board Announces that is has even more property that might become surplus.

  • David

    Good news, so the tax payer will be receiving dividend earnings generated from the sale of assets they have purchased and maintained? Or the more likely scenario, they will be asked to pay for the assets that they already paid for all over again.