Scott Stewart hangs up his spurs at Guelph CAO

By Pepper Parr

January 25th, 2024


He could have been one of the best city managers Burlington ever had but after two attempts to land the job Scott Stewart accepted the job of CAO for the City of Guelph.

In an announcement to Guelph Staff today he said:

Scott Stewart to retire as City of Guelph CAO. He would have been the best city manager Burlington would ever have if they had hired him.

“Later today, I will formally announce that, after 38 fulfilling years as a civil servant – and nine years with the City of Guelph! – I plan to retire this summer. I’m looking forward to completing my five-year term as CAO, and my last day with the City will be on July 22, 2024.

“This announcement will go out in a news release shortly; it was important that you heard the news directly from me. There will be more to come in the months ahead about transition planning and the recruitment process for our next CAO, so I’ll be sure to share more detailed information about the next steps with you as they come.

“It’s going to take me a little while to find the words to properly express how much my time with the City of Guelph has meant to me, both personally and professionally, so I’ll save that sappy stuff for closer to my last day.

“For now, though, I’ll leave you with this:

“Serving as CAO, and working with all of you, has been the highlight of my career. While I’m excited for this next chapter of my life, I know I’ll miss being a part of this organization, and I look forward to cheering you all on from the sidelines.”

As we get closer to the day he turns in his parking spot we will reminisce about Scott Stewart and his days as a municipal bureaucrat.

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1 comment to Scott Stewart hangs up his spurs at Guelph CAO

  • Gary Scobie

    I heartily agree with the Editor. Scott was open and honest and in my past dealings with him when he worked at Burlington City Hall I was always impressed with his attitude toward listening and serving citizens. I too wish he had become our City Manager. I just know we would today feel much more secure that citizens matter in Burlington if he was retiring as our City Manager now. Our loss was certainly Guelph’s gain.