Second coyote killed by professional hunters - third is still being tracked

By Staff

September 19th, 2022



The City of Burlington, with the expertise of a Certified Wildlife Control Professional, have eliminated a second coyote identified by its victims in recent unprovoked attacks on humans in south central Burlington.

The City would like to thank the support of the Halton Regional Police Services (HRPS) who were present to ensure public safety and were ready to assist, if needed.

A third coyote of concern is still at-large.

In the past several weeks, there has been seven unprovoked attacks on humans reported to the City. Animal Services staff have played a key role in tracking the coyotes identified as being responsible for all of the attacks.

The coyote is described as having the same characteristics, a smaller sandy colored coyote, as the sixth and seventh coyote attacks on Sept. 10 and Sept. 17. The City is asking residents to continue to be vigilant in and around the areas noted on the updated map attached below and report coyote sightings using the form at

City of Burlington Animal Services staff have been conducting ongoing joint operations with the HRPS and the Certified Wildlife Control Professional in the areas of attack to track down and eliminate the coyotes. Residents may see this multi agency taskforce in their neighbourhood and it is critical that residents do not interfere with these operations.

Map of coyote sightings and where rogue animals were killed

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2 comments to Second coyote killed by professional hunters – third is still being tracked

  • Alfred

    Of course, as I have said before. Soon as the people in Roseland start to get attacked and upset. The helicopter gun ships will be deployed. Hence the body count. If I’m not mistaken the City paid to have other coyotes destroyed in this area years back. While the other suckers in the City had to pay with their own money to get rid of coyotes. On Shoreacres rd. they travel in pairs.

  • Joe Gaetan

    I hope the third one is not the same one who followed my grandson home on Elgin St. last week.