Sharman suddenly has to face three challengers for the ward 5 seat

By Pepper Parr

August 18th,2022



Paul Sharman at a community debate in 2018.  At this point in the campaign he was pretty sure he had it in the bag

One of the things that keeps me at the keyboard is the rapid, astoundingly surprising things that happen in the world of politics.

There was “my pal Paul” on his way to coasting to an acclamation.

It would take a very strong candidate to beat him.

Well, there are now three new people – yes folks – count them – three people who have filed nomination papers for the ward 5 Council seat.
And it isn’t over yet, which is the way one Council colleague explained. People have until 2:00 pm on Friday to file papers.

Paul Sharman at a community event where he was defending a development – the usual confidence he displays – you almost got the impression he was on the ropes.

Right now Paul is emitting the sound of spit on a hot stove – just sizzling.

To be fair, in a conversation (electronically) he did say that he doesn’t count his chickens before they are hatched.

The three scalawags are:

Guy D’Alesio
Phone: 905-483-5093

Andrew Hall
Phone: 289-962-2862

Denny Pirzas
Phone: 905-484-0105



Give Paul Sharman a call and commiserate with him

Paul Sharman
Phone: 905-320-7467



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5 comments to Sharman suddenly has to face three challengers for the ward 5 seat

  • Carol

    In 2017, I had recently moved to Burlington and was totally unfamiliar with the Halton region.
    I called Paul Sharman to discuss several concerns which he shot down as being hopeless.
    He said that everybody complains and if only I could hear all the complaints he gets.
    I searched online for a list of his accomplishments, and I’m not finding much. My impression is that he wants to do the bare minimum to collect a paycheck.

  • Roger

    Time for a change to long in the chair so little accomplished

  • Sharon

    Wish Paul was running for Mayor

  • Renato Velocci

    Paul is a very capable persone, and is not easy to beat Him

  • perryb

    Sorry, Paul, I can’t vote for you, but all the best, and go get ’em.