Sharman to hold meeting to explain hazing coyotes to the public

By Staff

August 27th, 2022



Councillor Paul Sharman of Ward 5 is reported to be running a public education session on hazing techniques on Sunday, August 28

The event will begin at 9 a.m. at Pineland School on Meadowhill Road; Burlington
Animal Control staff will also be in attendance.

Councillor Sharman commented that “The city is committed to eliminate animals that attack people and draw blood. My best wishes to the people who were bitten for a speedy recovery.”

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5 comments to Sharman to hold meeting to explain hazing coyotes to the public

  • Penny Hersh

    Does anyone know how many residents attended the 9am meeting on a Sunday with only 2 days advance notice ( I saw it on twitter)?

    • Leslie

      There were 11 people, which included Councillor Sharman, two Animal Control Officers, and MPP Natalie Pierre. A few additional folks dropped in briefly. A disappointing turnout considering all the concern and outrage, although it was fairly late notice, and not the most ideal time. Not sure if this meeting was shared with or cross-promoted by anyone else on Staff or Council but I only learned of it 15 minutes prior to the start time, via this Gazette article. Some of the other attendees knew about it from Councillor Sharman’s facebook page. Note that this meeting was not to debate or dissect laws or policies (although those were addressed). Animal Control officers answered questions and explained their role, as well as the role the public can play in mitigating risk.

  • Mitch

    Where’s the Mayor? Her first priority as in any level of government is securing the safety of the citizens. The coyotes need to be removed. Her silence is not good.

  • TIM C

    Yes Ward 2 has a problem. I see the coyotes in Central park at dusk. But Pineland is on another level. I wouldn’t walk that path by the creek at noon again. It’s just not safe.

  • Penny Hersh

    Can I ask why the Ward 2 councillor, where most of these attacks have taken place, has been so silent? Residents in her ward have been most affected by these attacks.