She is still missing - you can help if you happen to have a home video security system.

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July 26th, 2106



The drive to work each day for Halton Regional Police Service Detective Joe Barr is not easy these days. The question – where is she, comes close to haunting his thoughts

Missing woman #2 July 6

Helen Robertson.

Helen Robertson has been missing since 12:45 PM on Tuesday July 5th

In a telephone conversation with Detective Constable Joe Barr he said “what baffles me is that with all the resources we have available to us – we still have not been able to find this woman.”

Barr spends a good part of his time reviewing videos of places Helen might have been.

“The woman was a walker” explained Barr – “we’ve no idea just how far she could have gone. It is worrisome, it is very hot out there and she has been missing a long time.

“This is emotionally hard work and it isn’t what we signed up for but it is what we do.

“We try very hard not to invest ourselves in this kind of a situation emotionally – what everyone needs is clear, sharp minds that look at the evidence.

“She is out there somewhere.”

Just about a year ago the Regional police unveiled a Security Camera Registration and Monitoring program, ( S.C.R.A.M), a community based crime prevention opportunity and investigative tool that enlists the help of Halton residents.

S.C.R.A.M. enables community members to voluntarily identify and register their residential video surveillance equipment.

Joe Barr would love to see anything in the Millcroft area where Helen lives. “We might see her on video captured by a home security system and be able to get some idea of the direction she might have been going in.

Missing woman #1 July 6

Helen Robertson loved to walk and frequently slipped out of the house to walk. She has been missing since July 5th

“We need access to every tool we can get.” Detective Constable Barr can be reached at 905-825-4747. If you can’t reach him – ask for Detective constable Julie Power, she is his partner on this case.

A number of people wonder just what giving police access to your home security means. You are not giving the police any access when you register – what you are doing in letting the police know that you have an electronic security system. Your camera may have captured an image of Helen Robertson.

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