Sleeping in a car is the best some people can do - it is not a solution.

By Staff

February 19th, 2024



his event is a poverty awareness event, where fundraising is done to help support the 106 programs that United Way Halton & Hamilton supports. Many people who are experiencing poverty will need to access multiple social services supports, as poverty is a complex issue.

When housing is unaffordable and people need the car they have to get to work – the car becomes “home” It is not a solution.

The event is called Sleepless in our Cities.


A significant number of our community members are confronted daily with challenging financial decisions, such as choosing between covering heating costs or providing food for their families. When individuals are struggling and faced with the pressures of financial instability, choices like these can seem unbearable. Many feel shame and are discouraged from seeking help, due to the stigma around poverty.

Sleepless In Our Cities aims to bring awareness about the daily challenges faced by youth and adults living in poverty. Event participants are asked to sleep in their cars in the middle of winter as an act and gesture, as well as to raise funds to help our neighbours who need our support. By participating in this event, you are connecting with the community and showing a willingness to have open conversations about the impacts of local poverty.

Event Details

When: February 23, 2024 | 10 PM – 8 AM

There are too many small tent communities that have become home for some people. Resources have to be found to properly house people.

What: Sleepless in Our Cities is a fundraising event that aims to raise awareness around the issue of poverty in our local communities, by asking participants to sleep in their cars overnight as they raise money for our friends and neighbours who need our support.

Event participants will sleep overnight in their cars on Friday, February 23 from 10 PM to 8 AM the following day. This form of participation is an act and gesture intended to raise awareness of poverty in our local communities

People can get more information here on our website at:

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2 comments to Sleeping in a car is the best some people can do – it is not a solution.

  • David

    I never would have believed this to be possible, hope being sacrificed on the altar of climate change initiatives, how cruel we have become as a society.

  • Grahame

    I would think that sleeping in a car with engine running for heat could be quite dangerous.

    The engines don’t run with Sleep event