So now we know that they did know - they just didn't want you to know. ASBESTOS

By Pepper Parr

December 13th, 2022


UPDATE:  The Hazardous Material (Asbestos) Abatement is included in the construction contract estimates included in the staff report. Timing will be at the beginning of the construction project along with demolition and removals.

Our tanks to the putz – the nom de plume created for a very smart Gazette reader who directed us to the 85 page report that was prepared for the Halton District School Board in November.

The Board of Education knew all along what they were buying and the members of Council knew as well.

The report is dated November 2022

They just didn’t want to tell the public and seemed loath to mouth the word asbestos.

We will find time later today to read through the 85 pages and learn just what there is in the way of asbestos and learn as well if there were plans in place to remove the stuff and what the cost is and who will be picking up that cost.

If this kind of stuff matters to you – the link is HERE:

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