Some consolidation in development sector: New Horizon and Krpan join to create Newrise

By Staff

March 9th, 2024



Meet Newrise, a new name for a development company that comes out of the joining together of New Horizon Development Group and Krpan Group. Combined, the two have  more than 80 years of experience

The two have joined forces ” to further advance the conversation and opportunities around sustainable building. These like minded individuals understand the importance of creating communities that benefit future generations.

Defined is as a strategic union brings together expertise in land development and construction, aimed at delivering visionary communities and buildings across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).

With over 80 combined years of experience, this partnership brings new opportunities for innovative and groundbreaking development projects that will shape the landscape of the GTHA.

NEWRISE seeks to redefine industry standards, elevating the quality of living opportunities through the partnership’s commitment to lasting craftsmanship and forward-thinking design.

New Horizon Development Group and Krpan Group sought each other out when they realized a shared set of values; to creating enduring projects, embracing visionary ideals, and demonstrating the highest level of dedication to their craft. “We’re excited about the opportunity NEWRISE brings. It is a testament to the power of partnership – our alignment and shared vision accelerates our ability to bring much-needed new home communities to fruition” said Jeff Paikin, President of NHDG.

NEWRISE is committed to sustainability and environmental consciousness. Each partner recognizes the importance of creating developments that contribute to a resilient future. With a focus on green building practices and energy efficiency, NEWRISE will achieve high standards for sustainable development in the region. “With the new partnership that we are announcing today, it expands our ability to create lasting communities with a focus on attainability through rentals, and sustainable building technologies in the GTHA,” explained John Krpan Sr of Krpan Group.

Both New Horizon Development Group and Krpan Group have proven track records of delivering communities that exceed industry standards. NEWRISE will continue this tradition by upholding both partners’ project standards in all areas, including design, construction quality, and client experience.

New Horizons got to build the Bridgewater development, the first high rise to sit on the edge of the lake.

New Horizon Development Group (NHDG) has been active in building communities in Southern Ontario, spanning between Oakville, Beamsville, Brantford and Cambridge in their 30-year history. NHDG built Bridgewater in Burlington.

Krpan built the new headquarters for L3 Harris when they moved from Burlington to Hamilton in the Waterdown community.

Krpan Group is a diversified family-owned private real estate company with origins in land development and a history that stretches back to 1973.  They and expanded into a vertically integrated real estate company with divisions in residential, industrial, office and commercial/retail.





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