Stern summarizes the provincial budget: 'No new taxes, no new tolls, no new fees'

By Eric Stern

March 28th, 2024



On Thursday Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy tabled a $214 billion dollar budget. The budget will invest in more roads, highways and transit. The budget will also invest more for housing.

Premier Doug Ford and Minister of Finance Peter Bethlenfalvy walk into the Legislature with the 2024 budget in their hands

The annual provincial deficit is predicted to double from the previous estimate of $5.3 billion to $9.8 billion. A balanced budget is predicted for 2026-2027. Bethlenfalvy opened with remarks about a slowing economy and this is the main reason for a projected deficit. Another major factor is over $6 billion in payments to the public sector after the wage restraint legislation was found to be unconstitutional.

Other highlights:

  • A 3-year freeze on tuition.
  • More choices for auto insurance.
  • The budget made it very clear – the government is fully committed to building the 413 highway

    The benefit for low-income seniors will be increased and indexed to the rate of inflation.

  • The previously announced break for transit users with the one fare program.
  • “No new taxes, no new tolls, no new fees”.
  • There will be a freeze on drivers license fees and license plate renewals will move online.
  • Put into law a requirement to consult the people before adding a new carbon tax.
  • The province has doubled down on the highway 413 project that will provide an alternate route for Burlington residents to get to highway 400.

In addition to a 1.3% increase in health care funding the budget includes $546 million over 3 years, starting in 2025, to link 600,000 people with primary care teams. Additional $152 million will be spent to provide stable housing for people with mental health conditions and addictions. A new medical school will be created in Vaughan, Ont. In affiliation with York University as a step towards having more family doctors available.

Bethlenfalvy commented that Pickering has received $5.2 million for meeting their housing targets. More money will be invested into this fund.

There was no mention of any funding working its way to Burlington.

Perhaps our council can stop their infighting and work to access some of these funds.

Eric Stern is one of the citizens who took the city of Burlington to task when the budget was released in 2023.  He has delegated frequently.

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2 comments to Stern summarizes the provincial budget: ‘No new taxes, no new tolls, no new fees’

  • Joe Gaetan

    I believe COB and the Province are waiting for the Pipeline to Permits committee to start producing results. The 128 page reference booklet sheds a lot of light on how the City attacks a problem absent a sense of urgency. Other communities have shovels in the ground and have been rewarded by shovels of money from the Province. The P2P is the first of its kind in Ontario. We can only hope this is a tortoise and hare scenario.

  • Grahame

    Good budget imho.

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