Stiles: ‘People have gone to jail for deleting government emails’ 

By Pepper Parr

May 2nd, 2024



There’s more.  Are you surprised?

Official Opposition Leader, Marit Stiles speaking in the Legislature

Ontario NDP and Official Opposition Leader, Marit Stiles, responded to new information on the Greenbelt scandal that confirms staff deleted emails.

“Each new evidence on the Greenbelt scandal is worse than the last. Deleting government emails is a crime. Let’s not forget that senior staff involved in the Liberal’s gas plant scandal went to jail for deleting emails.”

The “new evidence” Stiles refers to was made public by The Trillium, an online, subscriber only service.  The Trillium is part of the Village Media, an organization that has 147  online newspapers in Canada

Stiles is saying that: “Doug Ford needs to come clean and stop hiding information from the people of Ontario.

Why did his staff delete emails about the Greenbelt scandal?

What was in those emails?

Now we’ll never know.

Enough is enough. I hope the Information and Privacy Commissioner and the RCMP criminal investigation get to the bottom of this. People deserve to know the truth.”

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1 comment to Stiles: ‘People have gone to jail for deleting government emails’ 

  • Blair Smith

    “What was in those emails?

    Now we’ll never know.”

    Not necessarily so. As with the previous “email deletion scandal, there are enterprise back-ups that can be easily accessed as long as they haven’t also been deleted. If one views the past hearings of the Justice Committee, the then Corporate Chief Information Officer, David Nichol, was grilled on three separate occasions and his explanation of the backup process for the Legislative Assembly (we were talking about the Office of the Premier) became more fulsome and clear. Short story, the deleted emails still exist if the retention period has not expired. Act Quickly Stiles.

    Editor’s note: Maybe the RCMP could get a wiggle on?