Stolte advises that she will not attend the Swearing in Ceremony on Tuesday - Covid19 results not where they need to be

By Staff

November 13th, 2022



There will not be a full complement of the members of Council who are to be sworn in on Tuesday evening.

Stolte Covid test results

Ward 4 Councilor Shawna Stolte posted the following on her Facebook page earlier today:

Well…clearly I will not be attending Council Inauguration on Tuesday…

Disappointing , but when I think of all the residents of Burlington who have missed the births of grandchildren , family weddings, special celebrations and end-of-life gatherings over the last 2 1/2 years…I certainly can’t complain.

Thank you for putting your faith in me again Ward 4 and I promise to rest up so that I can work hard on your behalf for the next four years!

Good on the Council member for making a responsible decision.

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2 comments to Stolte advises that she will not attend the Swearing in Ceremony on Tuesday – Covid19 results not where they need to be

  • Penny Hersh

    Residents should stay home. We are dealing with a “tridemic” – Covid/ RSV/ Flu.

    A visit from Eric Vandewell, CEO of Joseph Brant Hospital indicated that there are still 2,300 people waiting for surgery. The Field Hospital was dismantled because there just isn’t enough staff available. All areas of the hospital are dealing with staff shortages.

    The very least we can do to make certain that residents who require ICU care not necessarily related to the “tridemic” are treated is to simply stay away from large “superspreader” type events and wear a facial mask when indoors.

    The Health Minister of Ontario will be holding a news conference tomorrow, Monday, recommending that people wear facial masks when indoors.

    The “Inauguration” of Council that is to be held at The Burlington Performing Arts Centre should be cancelled. A simple inauguration ceremony in the Council Chambers is more appropriate at this time.

    Perhaps an email to all members of council and the city manager will convince city hall to rethink the BPAC event.

    • Agree Penny but the wisest decision in terms of others and our health care resources is clearly not a priority with those who retained the venue and ceremonial pomp. It will be an interesting four years. Will all survive? Your guess is as good as ours. Hopefully families and businesses get a better deal than we have had.