Super Bowl LVII - a tour

By Staff

February 1st, 2023



The comments made by readers of the Gazette were appreciated. I made the decision to cease publishing very early – at around 3 in the morning, when I had to come to the conclusion that I just did not have the financial resources that were needed to continue. A number of people congratulated me on “my retirement.” This was not a retirement.

The runway had come to an end – continuing with the financial resources available was no longer possible. Readership grew almost every month.

Since the announcement, a number of people have asked: How can we help ? So there will be conversations in the days ahead. I am required to keep the newspaper “in print” for a number of days; so whatever I was doing in the past I will be doing for a little longer.

The Super Bowl is a massive North American event that for many is the sports highlight of the year.  It is an American game. Of course Canada does have a footballl league.   Hockey is the sport for Canadians.

One of the pages from the “tour” of the State Farm Stadium at which the Super Bowl will be played.

Everything about the Super Bowl is over the top.

Some of the advertising creative breaks new ground.

The Half Time Show sometimes rivals the Oscars.

The stadiums are engineering marvels.

Super Bowl LVII will take place in Phoenix Arizona in the State Farm Stadium/

Here is a link to the the Stadium through which you can tour the structure.

On each page there are “portals you can click on to go deeper into the structure.

The field they play on sits on a huge tray outside the stadium and is rolled in for the game.



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2 comments to Super Bowl LVII – a tour

  • David

    It certainly does. Tom Brady may even come out of his second announced retirement today to play there.

  • David

    Raised eyebrows and head tilted slightly to the left is my usual look when I read something shall we say curious.

    Note: It is worth a look if only to see how information technology can be used – and to see how those massive stadiums operate. It makes the Toronto Dome look like a sand box.