The battle over what will happen to the Millcroft community begins today.

By Pepper Parr

March 5th, 2024



The arguments begin today.

Milton Greens, the developer who wants to put 98 high end homes on what is golf club land.

Millcroft Greenspace Alliance and Millcroft Against Development have each raised significant sums of money to oppose the development at the Ontario Land Tribunal that begins today.
he both want as many of their supporters as possible tuning in today for the hearing.

The hearing is scheduled from Tuesday March 5 to Thursday March 28 through virtual meetings. You may log in at the link below.  Only lawyers and those speaking at the meeting will have cameras and microphones on.  Access Code is 719-383-509

David Donnelly, the lawyer representing Millcroft Greenspace Alliance will make an opening statement today and will continue representing the group throughout the hearing.

MAD has their team in place with local planner Allan Ramsay representing them.

It will be some time before there is a decision – many feel the hearing would not have taken place if Mayor Meed Ward had been able to convince the Minister of Housing to issue a Ministerial Zoning Order (MZO) would have brought everything to a halt.

That as the community knows didn’t happen.


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