The Burlington Teen Tour Band in Dublin on St. Patrick's Day

By Pepper Parr

March 18th, 2023



The Burlington Teen Tour Band marched through the streets of Dublin on St. Patrick’s day, part of a twelve day tour the band is on in Ireland.

The TV footage Is impressive – the Irish certainly know how to put on a parade.

Watching the parade and seeing young people from Burlington with vert serious looks on their faces was quite something.

Six big tubas with the name Burlington in red letters – the Irish certainly know who we are now.

Content is courtesy of Ward 2 Council member Lisa Kearns – was she up watching the event? Didn’t think she was Irish.

You can watch the parade by clicking HERE

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5 comments to The Burlington Teen Tour Band in Dublin on St. Patrick’s Day

  • Love this band bring tears to my eyes and send shivers up my spine whenever I hear them. They are an epitome of excellence in play and management and make us all proud of our association with them.

  • Wayne Brown

    Nice to hear from Bill Davidson, an original member of the Band…..thanks for your service to the Band Mr. D.

    I had the honour of meeting Bill through the Chamber of Commerce. By the way….it was the Chamber that donated money to the “Boys and Girls Band” in 1947 which enabled them to purchase their first instruments.

    The Best Band in the Land…..indeed,

  • Jim Thomson

    Kearns is an anglicized Irish surname of Ó Céirín.
    Not that it matters.
    Everybody is Irish on St Patrick’s Day.
    Even Montreal has a parade.

  • Bill Davidson

    As An Original Member of the Teen Tour Band ….Played Trumpet …. Many Years Ago I was 14 yrs of Age !!! Coming Up To “ The Big 90 in September “. So Proud to seeing them Travelling the World & Spreading Good Music & Burlington Youth & Fantastic Ability !!!

  • Grahame

    Excellent! Love this band.