The coyotes still seem to like Burlington.

By Staff

January 3rd, 2023



This is not the first piece of news people were expecting for 2023.

An observant Gazette reader sent this along.

Where did this one come from?

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6 comments to The coyotes still seem to like Burlington.

  • Charles Zach

    There is a big pack of coyotes that live in the woods behind Corpus Christi HS between Appleby Line and Burloak. They use the flood control areas to roam deep into the nearby neighbourhoods. Great opportunity for a safe and effective controlled hunt and cull. Unfortunately City hall would rather blame you for feeding the coyotes than reduce the threat.

  • Ted Gamble

    Coyotes crossing Harvester last night between Appleby and Burloak

  • Charles Zach

    Perfect time for a winter cull of these aggressive invasive species. I call upon the City of Burlington to allow a one week controlled shot gun coyote hunt by vetted and certified Burlington coyote hunters in early February. The City should also buy all harvested coyote pelts at a price of no less than $150 / each and use police to protect the perimeter of designated coyote hunting areas from general public access during the said controlled hunt. Do you want Public Safety or politically correct excuses that leaves Burlingtonians vulnerable to harm from these free ranging predators?

  • Mitch

    They are very active in the Shoreacres Creek Spruce Avenue Culvert area. The city has done nothing.

  • Keith Demoe

    People should contact Lisa Kearns to get a whistle…according to her, they will scare off any coyotes in area.

  • bonnie

    We were down at Paletta Mansion enjoying an afternoon walk a few days ago, when two large coyotes ran across the path in front of us. They are certainly still in the neighbourhood.