The End - The Burlington Gazette will cease publishing.

January 31st, 2023

The comments made by readers of the Gazette on the decision I made to cease publishing were appreciated. I made the decision to cease publishing very early – at around 3 in the morning, when I had to come to the conclusion that I just did not have the financial resources that were needed to continue. A number of people congratulated me on “my retirement.” This was not a retirement.

The runway had come to an end – continuing with the financial resources available was no longer possible. Readership grew almost every month.

Since the announcement, a number of people have asked: How can we help ? So there will be conversations in the days ahead. I am required to keep the newspaper “in print” for a number of days; so whatever I was doing in the past I will be doing for a little longer.



Everything has a beginning and everything has an end.

The end for the Burlington Gazette is today.

Pepper Parr



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32 comments to The End – The Burlington Gazette will cease publishing.

  • Anne-Marie Tywonek

    WOW! Just reading this now (Feb 2nd) and not gonna lie–shocked 🙁 And saddened. The Gazette is Pepper and Pepper The Gazette for many of us. Thank you Pepper for–everything. Safe and interesting travels into this new chapter of your life. You and The Gazette will (are already) be missed. Take care out there!

  • Denise W.

    Need more advertising?
    Rather than financing street parties, perhaps the City can make a donation?
    (Wont hold my breath.)
    Are there any grants available from the Province? This is a valuable source of news for all concerned. Burlington needs an independent and inquisitive news source. This is somewhat reminiscent of losing our taxi service.

    This has been a great “paper” and so amazing to not have a subscription fee. Perhaps a link for voluntary subscriptions?

  • james Smith

    Sorry to read the news Pepper!

  • Larry

    Sad news indeed

  • Carol Gottlob

    Not again?! I think this happened before. But if this is indeed the end of an era, Godspeed my friend, on your next journey.

  • Steve W

    Well that’s a bit of a surprise. Thank you for all your hard work. It is a shame the online paper is ending. I will miss it.

  • Keith Demoe

    All the best Pepper…I will keep in touch!!

  • Allan H

    I Just read your comment to a comment above….how about starting a subscription service. I for one would gladly contribute Pepper.

  • Allan H

    Yup , sorry to hear this sudden news. You will certainly be greatly missed. Is there a back story here?

  • Ray Rivers

    I guess this was inevitable. As well as being my editor and publisher, Pepper is a good friend, We had talked only last Saturday about him perhaps retiring in two years. So I was as shocked by this as anyone.

    Pepper has spent most of his life working in the news business. But that world has changed. Social media is drawing away the lucrative advertisers and many papers are now setting up paywalls and selling subscriptions or going under. I had argued that Pepper also needed to sell subscriptions but I think he liked the idea that news should be freely available to everyone.

    I truly appreciated the opportunity Pepper provided for me to research and craft my columns for the Gazette. And Pepper was always supportive of my efforts. We didn’t always agree, but when we would disagree we did so respectfully and graciously. That is the kind of person he is. Thanks for all that Pepper.

  • Toni Browning

    Will miss you Pepper, enjoyed the site for many, many years.

  • Alide Camilleri

    Thanks for your service. This is very sad news for those of us who relied on you for news about our city. The Gazette will be missed.

  • Mitch

    Who will keep the Mayor and Council honest now.

  • Renato Velocci

    Deeply sossy for losing a good source of Burlington news.

  • Leslie Barbetta

    Many great comments on here. Please add my name to those who appreciate the service you’ve provided to the Burlington community. You helped enlighten folks who may not have known otherwise about an important local issue. Whatever the future holds in store, I wish you all the best. Hope to see you around town.

  • Fred Crockett

    Pepper, we didn’t always agree, but at least you brought salient Burlington issues to our awareness, since the “major” Canadian media companies haven’t seen fit to service a 200,000 population market. Best Wishes in your future activities.

  • Ted Gamble

    All the best

  • Deborah

    Pepper, this is sad news for those of us who have relied on you and the Gazette for the details and insights that others couldn’t (or wouldn’t?) provide. Many times when developing delegations, the Gazette was a major resource for the backstories and details that were necessary to make a case. And sometimes to remind Council of their promises, statements and actions. Your tireless work all these years is greatly appreciated Pepper, hoping you find contentment and enjoyment in retirement. Welcome to the club! (PS my husband, who had a nice chat with you recently outside Freeman Station, also wishes you all the best!)

  • Barry Y

    I have 4 tabs open in my browser at all times. The Gazette is one of them. It will be odd to look up and see only 3 in the future.

    Thanks for being there (here) for all these years. Thanks for keeping me informed. Enjoy what the future holds.

  • Bonnie

    Pepper, the Gazette will be missed. You have not only kept us informed but also offered a platform for those who wished to voice their opinions.

    Wishing you all the best.


  • Stephen White

    This is truly devastating.

    The Gazette was the only credible source for community news and information about public events in Burlington. It served a very important role, and will be truly missed by its readers and supporters. Thank you Pepper for your commitment, engagement and support for the community.

    Truly a loss!

  • While we knew this was coming one day, it is a very sad day indeed. Love you Pepper and we pray the Lord is lifting up another to fill the huge gap you will leave for those who seek truth.

  • Don Fletcher

    Sorry to hear, Pepper. Your Gazette was always informative & thought provoking and will be sadly missed in our community. All the best!

  • Chris Walker

    Hi Pepper. I too am very sad to hear that a really useful source of important community information is disappearing. I always looked forward to reading the Gazette – I didn’t always agree with the opinions but I totally respect your efforts to provide much better information than the mainstream media. The Best of Luck in your future endeavours – I’m sure your important voice will continue to be broadcast and listened too. And thanks again for your personal encouragement to me – it still means a lot. Please take some time to just take it easy – you more than deserve it!

  • Mary A.

    Where will we get our Burlington news? Inside Halton doesnt hold a candle to the Burlington Gazette. Thank you for keeping us well informed about everything Burlington. Its a sad day for all Burlingtonians.

  • Kurt Koster

    I am speechless!
    It is hard to imagine a world without the Burlington Gazette.You are leaving a giant vacuum in Burlington. I hope there will be an ambitious journalist out there that can take over from you Pepper.
    I wish you a Happy and Healthy retirement.

    Personal note: It wasn’t a retirement – I just ran out of runway and could no longer justify operating the paper out of the limited personal resources.

  • Ed Dorr

    Sorry to hear this Pepper. Will miss my daily read. Thanks for all your efforts and wish you the best .

  • Charles Zach

    God bless you and keep you.

  • Bob Kerr

    So sorry to hear this Pepper. The Gazette was my go to reading first thing in morning. I wish you well Pepper..

  • Perryb

    Thank you Pepper. Ithas been a good fight

  • Lynn Crosby

    Pepper we will miss you and the Gazette, especially at a time when it seems to me that so few journalists do the job of holding public officials to account, rather than essentially regurgitating their press releases and quoting them without asking tough questions when needed. The opportunity for reader commentary here was also important and truly appreciated. It’s a sad day for Burlington citizens to see this light go out. Many of the politicians here should remember there was a time that they were quite happy to use the Gazette for their benefit when it helped them.

    I hope you can enjoy a well deserved and happy retirement and some peace! Thank you for all you’ve done and for all your hard work to keep us truly Informed and in giving us this community to converse with each other. Sometimes it’s been frustrating but it’s mainly be fun. 😉

  • Cal J Armstrong

    Thanks for everyone’s work; I appreciated it and the Gazette will be missed.