The full story on that $21 million

By Pepper Parr

March 5th, 2024



Councillor Rory Nisan

Ward 3 Councillor Rory Nisan, who now lives in ward 2 explained in a Linked in comment that Burlington has received $21 million from the federal government that will be used to build new homes.

Just because he said it – doesn’t mean it’s all true.

Here is what he did say:

Later today Nisan who is Chair of one of the Standing Committees.  He is also the City’s representative on the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and has a meeting to attend.

Mayor Meed Ward participating in a meeting from her vehicle.

Nisan told Council yesterday that he is going to try and chair the Standing Committee meeting while he is in the air or at the airport.

That should be something to see – we will let you know how that works out.  There is a vice chair so the meeting will take place – no idea where Nisan will land.

Mayor Meed Ward did participate in a Standing Committee meeting while in her vehicle recently.

Councillor Stolte is reported to have told a community meeting at the Port Nelson United Church that the $21 million was clinched when the city committed to four dwelling units per lot as of right instead of the provincially mandated three units. Stolte is reported to have said that “the more aggressive target unlocked the federal money (21m).”




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1 comment to The full story on that $21 million – Councillor will attempt to chair a Council meeting while travelling

  • Lynn Crosby

    Why does Rory seem to spend considerably more time at his blessed Federation of bla bla bla meetings than he does in his own council chambers – in person – working for us? No wonder he never answers emails. We need more than this tiny number of councillors.

    Calling in from planes and cars – another example of how council and COB aren’t getting what’s happening out in the real world. Increasingly, companies are expecting people at work in person. Some companies have policies now that you come back or you’re out. Certainly our public officials should be in the city hall they renovated – for whom exactly?