The Gazette sent the following

The Gazette sent the following to the members of city council that supported a Motion asking the amayor to relinkquish some of the power that was given to her under the Strong Mayors Act.

Is there anything you can do to settle the frayed nerves of those who care about what happens at city hall.

Is there not something you can say to your constituents about the chaos that is taking place at city hall.

While we believe that you did the right thing when you put the Motion on the table and deserve kudos for getting it, first, on the agenda while the Mayor did everything possible to keep it off the agenda.  Secondly you all got a Special meeting called – give Angelo most of the credit for that win.

The firing of two of the best Executive Directors the city had was so unnecessary.

And not knowing who made the decision to remove the two woman from the payroll is disturbing.

Given that the four of you brought about the situation that has us in this mess – it is really incumbent upon you to make a statement.

Perhaps you could appoint one Councillor to speak for those who support the decision you made.

The Gazette published the attached earlier this morning:

Pepper Parr,  Publisher, Burlington Gazette




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