The Hospitals are not For Sale - A Town Hall

By Staff

February 4th, 2023



The state of the health system and access to good hospital care is a concern for many.

The Ontario Health Coalition: Halton is holding a Town Hall meeting Wednesday, February 22nd at 7 pm.

The meeting will address ways to Stop the Privatization of Hospitals in Ontario.

Do take part.  Register to attend the online event.



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5 comments to The Hospitals are not For Sale – A Town Hall

  • Doreen Nicoll

    To the contrary, OHC Halton does not think universal health care should stay the same. Chronic under funding has created system deficits at all levels of staffing and that impacts family doctors, operating rooms and other critical care services.

    Learn how universal public health care is the best choice for all Ontarians — come to the OHC Halton town hall.

    Here’s some background reading for those serious about creating great universal health care for all Ontarians:

  • Doug P

    Anybody who thinks thing health care should stay the same are very nieve or in denial, why don’t they offer solutions instead of criticizing. We can’t go on waiting 2 years for a hip/knee or the same for cataract, or 6 months for mri/ct scans. The same Doctors will do the surgeries only in different location, they will still be monitored by the Gov .
    People complain about Ford, I guess they slept through Wynn and Ray.

  • Mr Bean

    Isn’t Oakville Trafalgar Memorial a P3 hospital ? Owned partially by private groups.

  • Grahame Richards

    Sounds like a union asking for more money .

  • Carol Victor

    Why do people vote for Consetvative Provincial Governments and yet rail against the things they do?