The largest property inside the football is to be developed

By Pepper Parr

October 13th, 2023



Lakeshore Road to the north; Old Lakeshore Road to the south with Lake Ontario so close you could smell it.

It is the last part of the football to be developed.

Set on the western end where Martha meets Old Lakeshore Road –  it was always seen is as a prime location.

Owned by a Family Trust it now appears that Trinity Point, a Vaughan based developer has purchased the site.

This is the development that is planned for the east end of the football.

The only public information is a sign on a fence.

They have signs up on the fencing surrounding the property announcing that something is coming soon but there’s nothing on the city web site about a development on the property.

There was a time when the Waterfront Advisory Committee, had former Toronto Mayor David Crombie sitting beside then Burlington Mayor Rick Goldring telling the committee that what the city should do is create a group that would have a “couple of odd balls on it” to generate some ideas and decide what could be done with the site that had immense potential.  The Crombie comment never made it out of the room – a great opportunity was lost.

It is the largest piece of land within the football. Expect to see an application for something in the 30 storey level when the application to develop is filed.

Trinity Point has two developments underway in Milton.  They are a well-immersed real estate developer based in Vaughan, having recently entered the real estate industry as a division of Greenpark Group.

Carlo Baldassarra was born in Italy, and immigrated to Canada in 1958 at the age of 19. Less than 10 years later, in 1967, Baldassarra founded a homebuilder company, Greenpark Group along with two partners Jack Wine and Philip Rechtsman. Greenpark Group is now fully owned by Carlo and his family.

The area that many people had hoped would become a model for how land could be used has become a coral for a bunch of high rise developments that will limit the view for those living on the north side of Lakeshore Road.

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