The people with election turn out data at city hall seem to be sitting on it instead of sharing it

By Pepper Parr

October 18th, 2022



Elections are all about information.

Candidates getting information out to the voters.

Voters looking for information on the candidates

The city administration getting information out to the public on where and when they can vote and at the same time urging people to vote.

What is missing at this point in this election cycle is information from the Office of the City Clerk as to what the turn out was for the first advance poll – our survey suggests it was brisk.

Is this an appropriate way for a city official to communicate with the public?

What has the response been at the online level? Are people voting on line – they certainly are – but how many?

City Clerk Kevin Arjoon.

Our Man on the Street interviews brought out that some people had difficulty voting on line but the vast majority we heard from said it was smooth as silk.

If the City Clerk can find some time when he is not sending out foolish tweets through social media perhaps the public could see some data – please.

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1 comment to The people with election turn out data at city hall seem to be sitting on it instead of sharing it

  • The situation is made all the worse according to our chats on the street as Burlington Post does not deliver more than 5 Posts to Condo and Rental apt. bldgs. We have one woman who does not have a television or computer and was so grateful for Anne’s card being dropped at her door. She had not received her voting cards and did not have a clue who was running. She only knew there was an election because of couple of signs she saw. There are many who don’t have computers and CHCH have not had any Burlington election news that we are aware of. Post who get major advertising from the City and don’t deliver such to apt. buildings any more are taking city money but not getting the one Post a week out to apartment dwellers. The flyers do get there strangely enough.