The province may have decided on Doug Ford but the people of Burlington are making it a very tight race

By Pepper Parr

May 29th, 2022



It is still a very very tight race.

Our reporter is hearing about the fringe parties more often as he interviewed at the Farmer’s Market, Spencer Smith Park and outside the Burlington Centre.

Next week he will be in the northern parts of the city.

The undecided is still quite high.

The not going to vote seems to be lowering.

We decided to dig a little deeper and ask the why behind the answers we were getting.

Cub reporter Jason Octavo interviewing voters at the Farmer’s Market

Is there a political party you’re favoring?
There isn’t a party they’re favoring: 9
Favoring PC: 3
Not voting for PC: 6
Favoring Liberal: 1
Favoring NDP: 4
Favoring Green Party: 1
Either NDP or Green Party: 1
Not voting for New Blue: 1
Not voting for Green Party: 1
Wouldn’t disclose any information on the question: 1

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