The Quarry cloud - a piece of evidence that just might make a difference.

By Pepper Parr

September 20th, 2023



Many of the delegations heard during the different Standing Committee events have been based on feelings and emotions; sometimes references to events on which there wasn’t very much data.

The quarry site that has been operational for a couple of decades in nearing its life cycle. It appears it can still kick up a storm.

So far there hasn’t been anything in the way of a delegation by the Nelson Aggregate people – their representatives may have spoken for them but no one from Lagarge, the company that owns Nelson has appeared.

There have been good arguments about the need for the aggregate given the number of high rise towers that will be needed in Burlington to accommodate the number of new residents that will be Burlingtonians come 2031.

Hard, rock solid, evidence, (no pun intended)  has been hard to come by.  We got to view a video on The Cloud earlier today, the link is in red.  It runs for a couple of minutes and it is slow – but when you see that cloud of dust you might want to watch it a second time and ask – Is this what is happening now – and Is this what we can expect in the future?

It is slow – but take the time to watch it




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3 comments to The Quarry cloud – a piece of evidence that just might make a difference.

  • Grahame

    Nelson has been there for at least 70 years.Family worked there in the 60’s .The Harmer family moved here long after the Quarry.They knew what they bought into.

  • Jim Thomson

    Dust is good, it leads to global cooling. /s
    The eruption of Tambora in 1815 led to a the year without a summer in 1816. It is believed there was a 1 degree Celsius drop in global temperature caused by the eruption.
    The lesser eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 is estimated to have caused a 1 degree Fahrenheit drop in global temperature.

    Apparently some one from Nelson quarry was in the audience. As reported in Burlington Today, he believes the quarry is ‘necessary’ for affordable housing and the environment.

  • We were involved in this at the very beginning of the move to expand. Our research showed the issue was caused by the Region not ensuring the requirement that all purchasers of properties were notified that expansion was a possibility. The Region should be on the hookj for this as clearly it is not environmentally sound to go ahead with the expansion which should have been addressed from the beginning of the homes building project. If we turn the letter written to the lawyer up in our files we will forward it to Pepper.