The relationship between mental health and regular exercise is positive - make it work for you.

By Staff

December 29th,2022



Is there a relationship between mental health and regular exercise – the pro’s say there is and they list the five types of exercise that will contribute to better mental health and why.

The five mental fitness strategies and workouts:

1. Primal movements are based on actions humans had to do to survive over the centuries – pull, push, squat, lunge, hinge, rotate and walk. They build strength and stamina that can boost confidence, clear your mind and generate endorphins improve mood.

2. Boxing and martial arts help release tension, pent-up anger and negative emotions. Punching and kicking plus footwork is good for mind-muscle connection and reinforcing memory and brain power.

3. Hot yoga, Pilates, yoga-fusion. Focusing on your breathing while you hold poses is good for stress release, as well as muscle strength and flexibility. This kind of focus increases mindfulness, helping you disconnect from stressful thoughts and ground yourself in your body movements.

4. Dance-inspired fitness helps improve neuroplasticity and activates the part of the brain responsible for emotions and memory. Most kinds of dancing help build strength and flexibility, plus cardiovascular endurance.

5. Low-intensity training (LIIT) workouts have all the cardio and strength benefits but without the bouncing and jumping that can damage your joints and ligaments.

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