The scam scum are using trusted brand names to lure you in

By Staff

April 9th, 2023



The scam scum are using brand names that you know and trust to draw you into giving them personal information that gets them to the point where they can access your personal financial accounts.

Some have lost tens of thousands.

There is very little that is free on the internet – you are usually giving away personal information in exchange for a Google map or a picture of someone you were searching for.

The financial damage is severe – the banks are taking a beating; the law enforcement people cannot keep up with the avalanche of complaints.

YOU are the best line of defence. Always, always look at the address of the person sending you the email – if you don’t recognize it – take a pass.

Make a point of looking at the email address – very carefully – this one came from:  – and that ain’t Costco.


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