The surplus part of the 2022 budget isn't known yet. Are there some surprises ?

By Pepper Parr

March 14th, 2023



We haven’t seen the last of the most recent city budget.

At the end of the fiscal year the city reports on what there was in terms of a surplus – and then decides where that surplus will go.

Ward 2 Councillor Lisa Kearns did her best to run a meeting that was focused and able to move briskly through the agenda. Council members tended to talk too much.

We have yet to see a report on what that surplus number is – it is due to be released at a Council Standing Committee meeting on March 29th, quite a bit later than normal.

If the surplus is a large number the public might, quite rightfully, want to know why there was a such a large tax increase if there was a surplus from the previous year.

If the surplus proves to be small; so small that funds had to be taken from reserve accounts to maintain a balance different questions will be asked.

Whatever we learn – let’s hope it doesn’t get blamed on the pandemic

The 29th is three days before April 1 – and we all know what that date is sometimes called.

Are they making fools of all of us.

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3 comments to The surplus part of the 2022 budget isn’t known yet. Are there some surprises ?

  • Penny Hersh

    The councillors do go on and on with comments after you have heard what they think during the questions asked, and after the vote is taken.

    Perhaps it is time to start putting a time limit on these unnecessary comments? Two minutes maximum would work for me.

    • Jim Thomson

      They could cut the meeting time in half if they stopped thanking the previous questioner and didn’t begin each question with a lengthy preamble. 🙂

    • Jim Thomson

      Thank you Councillor Hersh for your excellent comment.
      I would like to thank the Illustrious Marianne for her leadership on the budget, and
      Deputy Mayor Sharman for his strategic input
      I appreciate all the hard work staff has put into the report. I would especially like to thank the CFO for…….