The United Way has set a $12.5 million target for 2023-24

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September 16th, 2023



United Way Halton & Hamilton has launched its 2023-24 fundraising campaign, aiming to raise $12.5 million to support the network of critical social services across the community.

The target for the 2023 campaign; $170,000 raised during the Big Pull

This year’s goal presents an ambitious challenge to help transform the lives of the community. Last year 143,562 families and individuals received support from United Way Halton & Hamilton. Energized by the strides made over the last year, the mission for this year’s campaign is to enrich the lives of an even larger number of individuals and families in Burlington, Halton Hills, Hamilton, Milton, and Oakville.

With a growing network of 106 community programs, United Way Halton & Hamilton aim to magnify their impact and bring about a profound transformation in the lives of the expanding community.

A community is about family and people. The United Way serves as a safety net for both.

In Burlington, United Way Halton & Hamilton funds 46 programs that serve more than 17,340 people.

 “We’re coming out of the gate strong this year, and having witnessed the remarkable influence of a community united in supporting its most vulnerable, we’re deeply inspired. This ignites our commitment to enhancing program capacity, ensuring every individual in need can access essential resources without delay,” says Brad Park, President and CEO of United Way Halton & Hamilton.

 “We have encountered an array of challenges over the past few years, which have reshaped our lives in unexpected ways. Yet, amidst these trials, we’ve seen the incredible resilience that our community has when we stand shoulder-to-shoulder. As we approach the threshold of a pivotal year for Burlington, we’re committed to leading the way for positive change and resources to build a better future.”

Local Love Community Match

 This year, United Way Halton & Hamilton introduced the Local Love Community Match. With every $4 donation, an additional $1 is added to the gift by a group of generous community members and local corporations. Thanks to this match, any gift to United Way holds even more power. This is not just giving, it’s multiplying impact – addressing local challenges, supporting families, and empowering individuals in Halton & Hamilton.

“Long-time Philanthropic Circle supporters approached United Way Halton & Hamilton this spring to build a Community Match for our 2023 Annual Campaign,” said Park.  “Thanks to their generous investment, along with other supportive local philanthropic individuals and organizations, this will be a milestone campaign, where every contribution amplifies positive change that will foster a better life for everyone, locally. This match has been built by the community, for the community. With this support, I’m confident we’ll achieve our fundraising goal of $12.5 million,” says Park.

“Our community has rallied in remarkable ways during the past few years and we will continue driving that momentum forward,” says campaign chair Matt Wickham. “Our collective work, in ensuring people have access to the help they deserve, is critical to building a thriving community. This year’s Local Love Community Match provides an incredible way to amplify the impact of your contribution to United Way Halton & Hamilton. Whether you’ve been a long-time supporter or are considering your first gift, now is the time to help create lasting change.”

United Way Halton & Hamilton kicked off the $12.5 million campaign with its signature Plane Pull event, on September 16, 2023.

Teams, consisting of 15 participants each, had one opportunity to pull a 200,000 pound plane fifty feet along the tarmac at the Hamilton International Airport, in the shortest amount of time. The goal for the event was to raise $100,000 to kick-start the campaign.

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