There is now a real campaign issue for the voters in ward 1: Does the incumbent have a Conflict? Candidate Radway steers clear of the problem

By Staff

October 19th, 2022



Robert Radway: Now he has an issue he can campaign on

Ward 1 candidate Robert Radway released a statement saying “the issue of potential conflicts of interest that Councillor Galbraith appears to have are a concern for everyone in the ward.

“Moving forward I want all residents of Aldershot to have the best representation possible in all matters concerning development.

I respect the advice the Integrity Commissioner gave Councillor Galbraith

I appreciate the civic engagement of Mr. Muir for holding Councillor Galbraith accountable on this issue.”

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10 comments to There is now a real campaign issue for the voters in ward 1: Does the incumbent have a Conflict? Candidate Radway steers clear of the problem

  • Penny Hersh

    Jim, the difference as I see it is that Councillor Galbraith went to the Integrity Commission on his own to get their advice and then chose to ignore it.

    The question that has been asked is why the Integrity Commission did not notify the City/Council of the advice given to Councillor Galbraith? The answer seems to be that because Councillor Galbraith asked for advice it then is considered to be a confidential matter.

    Councillor Stolte had a complaint filed against her and had to defend herself in the public realm. A fine was established and she had to deal with some toxic behaviour by some council members.

    Councillor Kearns breached confidential information and was given a pass. Interesting that supposedly the Integrity Commission was notified of this breach by the Councillor during the election campaign at a time when nothing is to be heard by the Commission. ( if this information is incorrect I would like to be corrected)

    Am I the only one who sees the inconsistencies in the way the Integrity Commission/Council treat issues?

    • Jim Thomson

      Councillor Kearns hasn’t been given a pass. Nobody could file a complaint against her. Expect to see a report from the integrity commissioner on the issue once the election blackout period is over. Assuming of course that her opponent files a complaint
      You say that Councillor Galbraith ignored the advise he was given. I don’t believe that to be correct. Tom Muir is upset that Galbraith didn’t make public the advice he received, but Muir never filed a complaint despite believing there to be a potential conflict for the last four years. Muir may file a complaint after the election
      The only inconsistency is the Mayor’s treatment of Councillor Stolte’s apology to the staffer.
      An apology that Stolte volunteered to make and the Intregrity Commissioner had no problem with. The Mayor didn’t like what the Commissioner agreed to and tried to make changes.

    • Jim Thomson

      When did Galbraith ignore the advice of the Integrity Commissioner?
      Has anyone filed a complaint against him? I assume Tom Muir is going to after the election if Galbraith gets re-elected.
      Kearns wasn’t given a pass. No one was able to file a complaint. I’m assuming her opponent will after the election blackout period is over.

      The only inconsistency is the Mayor’s interference in Stolte’s apology to the staffer. Stolte volunteered to make the apology and the Integrity Commissioner agreed. It was the Mayor who object to the agreed upon timing.

  • Jim Thomson

    This just points out the need to have more than one representative per ward.
    The council is too small. We should be set up more like Oakville with a ward and regional councillor for each ward.

    And to the Marsdens, that parts of the complaint were found to be valid by the Integrity Commissioner means that he was right to file it.

    Councillor Stolte was deliberately violating confidentiality and wasn’t going to stop.
    In my books that makes her the one who is undesirable to be an elected official.

  • Doug P

    Galbraith another xxxxx (edited out) politician. Are there any out there devoted to the actual job they are elected to do for the citizenry, or just for personal gains. Unfortunately, if people don’t vote for a change, we will be in it for another 4 years of this unproductive bunch, from the Mayor on down.

    If there was a conflict before the election, it should be brought forward not hidden by the City (integrity commissioner), why else do we have this person reviewing if no action are taken, they work for us not the other way around.

    Elections have consequences.

  • Gary

    Too bad there wasn’t a debate between the Ward 1 candidates!
    Robert Radway could have pressed Kevin on this issue, and also exactly what initiatives he initiated during his 4 years in the role.
    I am having a hard time finding any!

  • Penny Hersh

    Councillor Galbraith asked for clarification from the Integrity Commissioner and then chose to ignore it. He repeatedly told ward 1 residents that he had looked into the possibility of him having a conflict of interest when it came to properties owned by him in the ward and told them he was informed that there was none.

    Certainly once the election is over a complaint will be made to the Integrity Commissioner. Councillor Galbraith could be forced to give up his seat on Council ( should he win the election). Then what? A costly by-election to have him replaced on council?

    Perhaps the Councillor should consider stepping away now?

    • There are many who agree with you Penny. People have stepped down from an election and for the good of democracy for far less reasons than this. There is always another election for Galbraith if proved to be in the right in this matter, which it does not “appear” from the Commissioner’s letter will be the case. The cost of his staying in the race is just too much in terms of sacrificing democratic principles that reputedly govern this race. Galbraith’s involvement in reporting another councillor to the Commissioner with this in process, makes his suitability to sit as an elected official at our Council table even more undesirable.

      • Jim Thomson

        I am no big fan of Kelvin Galbraith, but I don’t want him to step away and let his opponent to get in un-opposed.
        I have not actually seen any evidence that Kelvin Galbraith has breached the code of good governance. The opinion from the Integrity Commissioner simply states that in future discussions about the Go Station area he needs to declare a conflict of interest, It doesn’t say that he has breached the Code.
        Has there actually been a complaint made to the Integrity Commissioner?

      • Jim Thomson

        To the Marsdens. I believe that the Integrity Commisioner found that Councillor Galbraiths complaint had merit. Councillor Stolte deliberately broke the Code of Good Conduct. on at least two occaisions. Doesn’t that make her the one that is undesirable as an elected official.

        I don’t understand why you are all for having the police investigate Councillor Galbraith but supported Councillor Stolte in her breach of the Code.