There is now a Terry Fox donut - exclusive at Sunshine

By Max Bowder: Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

September 19th, 2021



Perched on the top of the building – for donut lovers it is a local beacon.

Sunshine Doughnuts – a shop at the south end of the Art Gallery parking lot – can’t miss it – the dripping donut on the roof tells you  – you’ve arrived.

The business model for this company is to make the batch of donuts early in the morning and when they are all sold – close for the day.

They’ve been doing this since 2016 – fresh handmade doughnuts every day.

The Terry Fox donut – a nice local touch.

This year the company decided to bring some sunshine into the Terry Fox Run, which kicked off today by creating an honorary Terry Fox doughnut.

People were lined up – sales were brisk

The special donut drove up business today, customers lined up waiting to buy from the bakery.

The doughnut is their traditional birthday cake flavour covered in a light blue icing and sprinkles.

All proceeds go to the Terry Fox cancer research work being done across the country.

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