This might be a good time for the Mayor to go on holiday

By Staff

August 9th, 2023



The Statement didn’t provide the kind of information the public is asking for.

Huge public interest in that naturalized garden article we covered in detail yesterday and the article we published earlier today asking some very detailed questions is as to how this mess was created.

Several readers have asked if we could find out more about the Court case the Mayor said the City recently won.

Where was the case heard; when was it heard and would they provide a copy of the decision?

No answer yet.  The note from her Media person has him away from his desk.

One reader make a good point:

“In all the media coverage, I haven’t seen any indication that the matter had already been to court.

I find it suspicious that the Mayor and Co.  don’t actually provide details of the court ruling.

In The Spec, the lawyer for the home owner was talking about taking the case to court, not about appealing a court ruling.

Something doesn’t add up.”

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City weed-whacks citizens garden

Who did what and where did they get the authority to do what they did?


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2 comments to This might be a good time for the Mayor to go on holiday

  • Liam Fearg

    With Apologies to the Bard:

    What a piece of worke is this woman! How ignoble in reason! How infinite in ponderous expression! In forme and mouing how tangental and devious! In action, how like a mirage, in apprehension, how like a pedant!
    The beauty of the world, the paragon of animals—and yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust?
    Woman delights not me — nor inspires me neither,

  • Joseph Gaetan

    Regarding ”Weedgate”. A quick search of Canlii, revealed 39 cases and 12 “commentaries, that included the words, “Burlington”, “City” and “weed”. The 39 cases found in CanLII that were, “weed” based, indicates they came in both the vegetation and smoking variety. Perhaps COB could prove the alleged case number, referred to by our Mayor.