Three year olds get to test drive kindergarten - virtually

By Staff

November 22nd, 2022



Exploring a classroom.

Starting school is a big step for children and parents/guardians.

The Halton District School Board wants to make the transition to a classroom as smooth as possible when the first year of kindergarten approaches.

. This fall, the HDSB is welcoming future students and their families to a virtual Kindergarten experience to learn more about making the first school experience a happy one.

The HDSB has set up a part of its web site where three-year olds can explore a Kindergarten classroom to see what their future classroom might look like next September. There are videos to watch, pictures to view and fun activities for kids. Parents/guardians can learn about the Kindergarten program at the HDSB, play-based learning, community resources in Halton and before-and-after school care. Families can also sign-up to receive a welcome package from the HDSB including a free children’s book.

Registration for Kindergarten begins in January 2023 and will be by appointment only (in-person and/or virtual) through the school your child will attend.

Further information will be shared in the new year. To begin Kindergarten in September 2023, children must be four years old by Dec. 31, 2023 for Year 1 Kindergarten and must be five years old by Dec. 31, 2023 for Year 2 Kindergarten.

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1 comment to Three year olds get to test drive kindergarten – virtually

  • After putting our own three boys and watching four of our seven grandchildren go through kindergarten under the enrollment system, we feel like bouncing up and down with joy that the need for such early and effective introductions in a user-friendly manner is being properly addressed. Children being comfortable in their school environment, from 3 x 10 (averaged out) years of experience is in our books the key to a successful education. Discomfort with the environment regardless of the reason is in our experience setting kids up for failure. This article begins in the right place to have one obstacle to a comfortable education environment being addressed.

    There are many more that need crossing off the list that would see all chldren given the chance to succeed that they deserve. As a candidate for Mayor Anne received a lot of enquiries about her position on issues that were causing parents and children in the Halton community much distress. She was honest with the members of the electorate that as Mayor she would have less influence than the school trustees but said she would do as much as she could to ensure school environments in Halton were ones that children and their parents were comforable with.