Tim Commisso announces that he will not renew his five year contact with the City

By Pepper Parr

October 6th, 2023



Maybe the $63,000 payroll bump wasn’t enough.  Or had he had enough?

Never got to know the man.

Tim Commisso – how long has he been thinking about this?

Earlier today Burlington City Manager Tim Commisso announced his intention to not seek a renewal of his 5-year contract as City Manager.  Tim was appointed City Manager effective July 1, 2019 and was Interim City Manager since January 2019.

Once she was elected Mayor Marianne Meed Ward knew she had to find a new City Manager – she was about to get the five new members of Council to go along with bringing him in as an Interim.

He convinced himself that he could work with Meed Ward – and on much of the work she was able to make it work.

Somewhere along the way the wheels fell of and he came to the conclusion there were roses that needed some smelling.

No word on “why” he chose this time to bail out – does he know something about the budget that is coming from her and couldn’t stomach it?

Sheila Jones: Currently an Executive Director – without a doubt the strongest player on the Commisso team.

During Tim’s as City Manager he led made some first class hires and promoted people who have and will continue to serve the City.

Look for Sheila Jones to be asked to serve as an Interim if Tim wants to turn in his keys and his parking spot and take a break.

Commisso said he would stick around and help in a seamless transition – his comments were pure boiler plate – wants more time with his family.

The Mayor took the same route – same something acceptable and pull the team together to get past this.

They will need some time to get their story together.


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