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Guess this wasn’t to be campaign literature.
Guess this wasn’t to be campaign literature.

BURLINGTON, ON,  February 21, 2011  –  She isn’t going to run again.  Joyce Savoline, MPP announced on Monday that she would not run for the provincial seat of Burlington that she has held since 2007.  She is the third member of the Progressive Conservative Caucus to announce they will not run in the October provincial election.

Savoline has served Burlington for some time.  She was with Halton Region from 1994 to 2006.  In 2000 she was elected Chair of the Region.

She ran in the 2007 provincial by-election that was held when Cam Jackson gave up his Queen’s Park Seat.  Savoline beat Marianne Meed Ward, but not by all that much; 21,517 for Savoline and 19,693 for Meed Ward.

Savoline was born in Shanghai, China and moved to Canada with her parents and sister in 1953. She and her husband moved to Burlington in 1973.

The race for the Burlington seat is beginning to take shape.  The provincial Liberals have at least two candidates who are planning to seek the nomination. 

Alyssa Brierley seeking the Liberal nomination.
Alyssa Brierley seeking the Liberal nomination.

Meanwhile Alyssa Brierly, has announced that she will seek the Burlington Liberal a student during the Mike Harris years, and I experienced first-hand the impact that the devastating cuts had on our public education and health care systems. The Liberal government has worked hard to reinvest in these areas and we simply can’t allow ourselves to go backwards.

A second Liberal with plans to see the nomination has yet to publicly announce.

Cam Jackson, a former Burlington Mayor and MPP for Burlington as well said that he has been “getting lots of phone calls” and says there is a lot of time to “think about the shifting political ground”.

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