To those loyal readers - the thousands of you - we are still here.

By Pepper Parr

February 14th, 2023



When one door closes, even if firmly locked and barred, another one will open.

When I announced that the Gazette was going to cease publishing on January 31st there was no alternative – all available and foreseeable sources of funding, personal and otherwise, were gone.

There was some very hard thinking to be done – how do you keep it alive ?

I had no means to continue. The twelve years that I published were thrilling and coming to the conclusion that I was just not able to continue meant dealing with some depression.

Hours after the notice was published the comments section begin to fill with words of thanks, encouragement and offers to pay for a subscription to the Gazette.

The intention was always to have paid advertising cover the operating costs. I took the position that I had to grow the readership to the point where there was value for an advertiser. We were close to that point when Covid19 shut everything down.

We were working on an approach to publishing that held significant opportunity to both inform the public, grow the community and become financially sustainable. That fell apart on January 30 bringing me to the point where I had to throw in the towel.

Those who understood just how important this local news source was to them and to the community spoke up and said they would be there for us and how could they help ?

In the field and on the job – we are not done yet.

That has resulted in some short term funding that will get us through the next 90 days, giving us time to begin the advertising sales campaign and to put in place an application people can use to become “patrons” of the Gazette which will  provide us with small amounts that will, hopefully, cover the operating costs and allow us to bring on board someone who can do proof reading (there are many that will say Amen to that) as well as copy editing.

I will keep the readership fully informed. Thank you

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14 comments to To those loyal readers – the thousands of you – we are still here.

  • Perryb

    I’m Late to the game here due to vacation. Very willing to help … as a patron or whatever.

  • Tom Muir

    Your presence is needed as you very well know, but you have always needed help. I will pitch in.
    Let us know what is needed to keep you afloat, as you indicate here.

  • Fred

    Pepper, our household pays very serious money each month to the New York Times and to the Globe & Mail. It would not dent the family budget to ensure that we get legitimate local news and opinion. Hang in there…..

  • Stephen White

    Good news indeed! Happy to hear that the Gazette lives on. I was concerned that I may have to rely on the “Shoppers Times” (i.e. aka Burlington Post) for community reporting.

  • Allan H

    Excellent news Pepper….I also would gladly pay a “patron” fee as I indicated previously. As I was one of the folks offering to “proof read’ I’m happy to follow through this…Cheers and thank you for all you do.

  • Sinclair Lewis.

    I will certainly become a patron. I will also regularly comment both as myself and under a number of pseudonyms that reflect the theme of the article or comment. The publisher will, of course, know my true identity and can “out” me at any time. But I would like to have a bit of fun – poking the bear that is our City Council and staff. Yes, Marianne and cabal I will mock you frequently and expose your foibles as often as I can. Fun for all I hope.

  • SteveW Could be a subscription funding source

  • That is good news indeed. Losing the Gazette is simply not feasible. Up until recently we paid $38 a month for the Spec with very little news of Burlington. No other media outlet addresses the issues like the Gazette does and gives the opportunity to debate with our Community what we do and do not have a right to expect from our Council.

    • Phil Waggett

      Anne, very well said indeed. I don’t always agree with Pepper but I do respect the point of view of his articles. It’s good to learn from and challenge other opinions. And of course, as Anne mentioned, the Gazette is probably the single best source of articles on Burlington, especially Burlington politics.

      Please let us know how we can to continue to support ($$) the Gazette.

  • Stephen Paquette

    Miigwetch my friend for the explanation. So many people appreciate the hard work, research, development while striving to maintain your journalistic integrity for the benefit of us in Burlington and beyond.

  • Gary Scobie

    Pepper, I for one will put my money where my mouth is. I haven’t commented much lately, but there is still much to comment on. The articles on the political scene at City Hall, the machinations of staff vs Council vs citizens all deserve the light of day shining on them and nowhere else is that done in Burlington but here.

    It is the commentary that is generated and published that makes this the only game in town for active dialogue that is so missing at City Hall for citizens. I’m onboard to help through subscription, patron or whatever form it takes to help you pay the bills to keep the Gazette going. I hope your other readers will chip in too.

  • Grahame

    I hope

    You are successful.There is so little coverage of Burlington from the large newspapers an CHCH tv.The Post is a joke!Only good for obits.

  • Cal Armstrong

    Thank you; this is great to hear.

  • Don Fletcher

    Perseverance is one of the rarest virtues there is, and as you know and have been reminded, you are not alone. Glad to see that you’re hanging in, Pepper!