Today as we remember – we know full well those that were lost knew just what they were fighting for.

By Pepper Parr

November 11th, 2022



Burlington actually has two Remembrance Day event, three if you count the goings on at the Legion Gall but that is another story.

The Naval Monument

Early in the morning the Haltom Naval Veterans Association holds a ceremony at the Naval Monument on the Promenade at Spencer Smith Park.

That’s where that splendid statue of the sailor looking out over the lake with a list of all the ships that were used during the wars – and on the back side of the pedestal there is a list of all the merchant marine ships that were lost.

The Naval Monument is the smaller event but it is the event where you can talk to the veterans in a different way.

Near the end of the event the Bosun’s whistle was piped followed by the Up Spirits command.  Small paper cups are handed out.  A small splash of rum is put in the cup for a quick swallow.

Burlington MP Karina Gould talking to a member of the Halton Naval Veterans Association.

For the ships at sea Up Spirits is a fine event. Each person has their own pewter tankard that has served them well for years. Those tankards are never washed – they get a rinsing – and a small one at that. Over time they have a lining that is basically a nice rum residue that adds to the tot that is served daily when you are at sea.

This is how a parade is led.

Later in the day large crowds gather along Brant Street to watch the parade and take part in the service, they laying of the wreaths, the singing of him, the sound of the Last Post and the joy and strength in the Reveille.

There is a sense of “I have come and done what I needed to do”

There were far more of the close to 60 in the crowds but this year more younger people than I have seen in the past.

The Teen Tour Band seldom fails to deliver. With the light drizzle they were wearing thin bright red slickers that were rather attractive.

The laying of the wreaths, the singing of hymns and reading of prayers are all part of a traditional Remembrance Ceremony.

The Teen Tour Band – they never fail to deliver.

One couple had lanyards around the necks with small picture frames at the end of the lanyard. One of the pictures was of a woman, she looked like a WREN; couldn’t make out picture the man had. Each of the pictures had a poppy tucked inside the frame.

A couple, each wearing pictures in small frames of people who served.

I chose not to interview them – it seemed to me that this was a time they wanted to remember and not be bothered by questions from someone they didn’t know.

The Day was not celebrated the same way during the last two years.

Before that we did not have war on our minds – but today war is a very real thing. The Ukrainians are fighting a devastating war and more than holding their own.

Hearing a man who is fighting that war say publicly that “we are not winning yet but Putin is losing” is a good sign – but unless you have experienced the loss and devastation of a war it is hard to fully comprehend.

Today as we remember – we know full well those that were lost knew just what they were fighting for. Hold those you love a little tighter in the days ahead.

Mere boys – I wondered what the Day meant to them and what they think when singing the hymn that goes: Eternal Father strong to save Whose arm has bound the restless wave Who bids the mighty ocean deep It’s own appointed limits keep./strong>



They marched down the Street with a stride and a step that was wonderful to see.

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  • Both services were very special and seemed so much different in a good way which we think is because we have missed them the last two years. Kudos to the organizers, 100s of participants whose hard work and dedication made it a day to remember and media coverage that keeps it alive till we meet again Lest we Forget.