Top 5 Reasons Why Going Solar Puts You In The Advantage

By Janyl Gregorio

January 12th, 2023


Renewable energy sources are always an advantage. In fact, governments around the globe build power plants to channel these sources on a larger scale. Thus, supplementing non-renewable energy sources to cover everyone’s consumption.

Furthermore, on a smaller scale, having access to inexhaustible sources like solar energy can also put you ahead of everybody. As such, going solar can provide you with long term benefits and would greatly impact your energy consumption, financial budgeting,and peace of mind. In line with this premise, here are some facts to give you more understanding about your edge for going solar.

Provincial and Federal Incentives
Going solar provides you with perks from the government. They allocate incentives to those who choose to tap sustainable energy consumption. Thus, solar panel as an alternative, if not the main source, of electrical energy not only lets you enjoy lower bills but also allows you to take advantage of certain credits given by the state.

Installation is done quickly and requires next to nothing in the way of maintenance.

For instance, Ontario solar incentives brought by Green Homes Loan offers $40, 000 worth of funds. It is interest-free and would allow you to do retrofits needed for your home energy usage. These perks will help you start your solar journey and provide you with options that better fits your budget.

Increase In Savings
As one of the long term outcomes of choosing solar energy, an increase in savings is the most beneficial. Imagine receiving an electrical bill with a lesser amount compared to previous years. It only means that investing in renewable energy is worth it.

Little by little, the accumulated savings you get from consuming less of commercial electricity will grow in amount in hindsight. You will later be able to allocate more budget on insurance and emergency funds. Hence, you can live peacefully without worrying about your finances.

Energy Independence
Another notable advantage of going solar is the energy independence. It means you no longer have to consume energy brought by non-renewable sources. It also means lesser carbon emission and will result in minimal greenhouse gasses sent into the atmosphere.

The sun as your main source of energy allows you to not only save for the rainy days but also contribute positively to the environment. Give it a thought. Going solar will do you more good than harm. It’s not even called “harm”. It’s called investment.

A house with solar has a selling advantage

Added Market Value
Going solar also adds significant value to your home. Houses with solar panels are by far more expensive than a normal residential house. If you are thinking of selling your property and you happen to have solar panels installed, it will become an added value. Thus, gives you an edge of closing that sale.

Think about it. Installing solar panels gives you more than what you paid for. Basically, your return of investment is inevitable. All you need to do is consider going solar and have the patience in waiting for the fruit of your labour to be harvested over time. It might not be upfront but with time in play, you’ll wake up one day living without paying electrical bills anymore.

Solar energy is now so valuable – corporations have created solar farms where electricity is harvested and sold to energy grids.

By-products of power plants and factories are a huge contributor to air pollution and water pollution. Toxic waste is produced and carbon emission is increasing exponentially.

How does going solar help lessen these environmental problems? As mentioned earlier, owning solar panels will give you energy independence. It keeps you away from being dependent on power plants. Thus, one less carbon contributor.

If more people rely on renewable energy sources, the day will come where power plants will no longer use fossil fuels or nuclear energy. It will be non-toxic and renewable. We breathe fresher air and will have a cooler atmosphere.

“leave no stone unturned, leave your fears behind…”

There are several advantages of going solar. The list above are just among the many benefits you get for relying on renewable energy sources. Bear in mind, installing solar panels to your homes or establishments is a wise choice. It gives you a chance to save money in the long run and helps lessen air pollution by not relying on non-renewable energy sources producing electricity.

The best takeaway you can get from all these is the fact that you can always turn things around for the greater good. A better life is always ahead and a more liveable environment can be materialized. You are just one decision away from doing so. Remember, life is full of decision-making. It is meant to be lived forward and forward you should go. As a line in a song from Nickelback states, “leave no stone unturned, leave your fears behind…”

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