Tory candidate Natalie Pierre will be a No Show at the Chamber of Commerce event; a usually safe place for the PC's

By Pepper Parr

May 16th, 2022



The Gazette had issues with the decision on the part of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce deciding that the New Blue Party did not qualify to participate in what is more of a question and answer session than a debate event that they sponsor for elections.

The New Blues may not be there – we expected that the candidates for the four main line parties would show up.

No so.

The party was putting up a strong presence after sort of hiding their candidate for the early days of the campaign.

Natalie Pierre will not be taking 0part in the Q&A. The Progressive Conservative party also chose not to set out their position on the issues the Chamber of Commerce thought were important to their membership.

Our source said Pierre had a previous engagement – what with a dentist?

It is clear that the PC’s have decided that Doug Ford is so far ahead in the pulls that his coat tails will be long enough for everyone to hang on to as they get carried towards being elected.

Natalie Pierre, on the right,, was the kind of candidate many Progressive Conservatives in Burlington have wanted for a long time.

What is disappointing and surprising is that Natalie Pierre is going along with the decision.

The very short interview we had with the woman was quite positive. She is smart, empathetic and we believed she would turn out to be a quick study and learn the ropes quickly – and we were convinced that she would be a strong voice in caucus and have the ear of the Premier.

At this point it looks as if the concern is about getting elected and personal integrity will have to come second.

Someone on the PC side hasn’t run the numbers.

The PC base has been waiting for a respectable candidate to represent them in the Legislature.

Natalie Pierre certainly looked like a good choice.

However, that PC base now has a place where the hard right members can cast their ballots.  The New Blue will eat into that PC base – how much – not one can say with much in the way of certainty.

Miriam Manaa, Liberal candidate

Miriam Manaa, the Liberal candidate, a part of Burlington’s Muslim community will certainly pull the Muslim vote.  If that vote turns out to be substantial it could make the difference for Manaa.

Andrew Drummond advertises who is friends are with election signs and messages from those friends

Andrew Drummond did exceptionally well last time out making him a definite contender running an even stronger campaign this time out..

Those Doug Ford coat tails may not be enough to get Natalie Pierre to Queen’s Park.

There may be more to the story – in time it usually all comes out.

Stay tuned!

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9 comments to Tory candidate Natalie Pierre will be a No Show at the Chamber of Commerce event; a usually safe place for the PC’s

  • Dave Turner

    Check out this article from City News.

    Why on earth would anyone vote for a candidate that is not willing to defend or debate their policies with the political rivals and then engage directly with the electorate through Q&A sessions.

    The PCs are contemptuous of Ontario’s voters. Treat the PCs with the same level of contempt and do not vote for them.

  • Chris Ariens

    This happens too frequently with Ontario PC candidates across the province for it to be anything other than deliberate electoral strategy. The party leadership seem to feel that the more voters know about the candidates or the party, the less likely they are to support them. So they put on the muzzles and focus on identifying supporters and getting them to the polls. The people who are paying attention and listening are NOT their target audience.

  • Ted

    How relevant and meaningful is a debate when one major parties candidates listed experience consists of working entirely in riding offices of federal MP’s?

  • Bruce Leigh

    Isn’t it strange how the true bluers, who often comment here and forever malign the Prime Minister and the Liberal Party, make no consent, no defence of the PC party hiding its candidate. The same playback as the PCs used in the recent Federal election and for McKenna back in 2018.

    Times used to be candidates for office would set up on a soapbox or other temporary stage make a speach to the gathered citizens, get heckled and answer unrehearst random questions from the audience. That was true campaigning and the democratic process in action.

  • Carol Victor

    Who knows Bob when she is silent……terrible to give her a salary when she hasn’t even applied for the job!

  • Gayle Laws

    As Carol noted, Bob, it is a forum for candidates to introduce themselves, and present the party platform and let the voters make an informed decision. For a party to have a position to hide their candidates across the province should be shocking to those who value our democracy, and the ability to make an informed choice when voting. Elections matter. It would be nice to meet Natalie this Thursday, to assess her abilities to represent me in the Ontario Legislature, especially since she was arbitrarily assigned the PC party candidate– bypassing the local riding association. Her video is impressive but seeing her in person, not rehearsed, goes a long way to assess her suitability (as with other candidates) Seriously why is it the official strategy of the PC party to hide their candidates? This must be a warning sign of not good things to come.

  • Carol Victor

    Disappointing when a key candidate decides to forgo a debate…introducing yourself to your potential constituents should make these events priorities ..not impressed with this…she should earn the right to represent Burlington.

  • Gayle Laws

    It is an affront to the democratic process for the PC candidates not to participate in local forums. It’s no show participation is a party strategy- not just here in Burlington. Last election the PCs had no platform but won on the anti-Kathleen Wynn sentiment. Why won’t they present what they plan to do if elected and be accountable to local citizens? It’s deplorable, and full of arrogance, and for no other reason, they are not worthy of our votes. I urge concerned citizens who value our democratic institutions to consider the alternative candidates who will participate in public forums and vote for them.

    • Bob

      Is it more of an affront to not debate, thus not promising anything than to promise the moon and not follow through?